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Reorder Checks

Diversified Credit Union’s Routing Number is 291074748

Reordering checks from Diversified Credit Union couldn’t be easier. If you want to receive your yearly FREE box of checks for Reward, e-Reward, Lifestyle and Retiree checking users, re-order your Deluxe® Checks online.

Checks are typically delivered within 7 days of ordering. All you need to order your checks is:

  • Diversified’s routing number: 291074748
  • The Account Number from your checks. This is the second set of numbers reading from left to right on the bottom of your checks. Use the full account number from your check, not your member number. Include all leading zeros; omit any spaces or characters.
  • The Next Check Starting Number. To determine the next starting number, use the starting number printed on your paper re-order form. Or, add 1 to the number printed on the last check of your most recent order. (For example: if the last check starting number was 500, the next check starting number would be 501.)

If you have name or address changes or you do not know the starting check number for your reorder, bring in your check order to Diversified and we will process it for you. You can also call Member Services at 1-800-333-7757 toll-free or send us an email.

If you’re interested in ordering special design checks, Diversified will pay $10 toward your purchase.

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Diversified’s Routing number is 291074748