Banzai Financial Education for Kids
Designed to help young members learn the (real-life) value of a dollar.

Diversified Credit Union brings financial education to the classroom with Banzai, a free, online financial education resource. Local students learn to manage their money through a series of real-life situations, balance a virtual checking account, and more. Best of all, lesson plans and online assessment tools are provided to make the program easy to manage and teacher-friendly.

Once the student completes all parts of the Banzai program, youth ages 15+ receive a $50 Checking Account Bonus Offer* and children 8-14 yrs old receive a $10 Youth Savings Bonus Offer*. We believe in the financial well-being of our members and that means helping your child get on the right path!

DCU is currently sponsoring the Banzai program in Waseca Senior High School, Waseca Intermediate School and Waterville-Elysian-Morristown Jr. School. This relevant, real-world program aligns with Minnesota State Standards and allows students to walk through a series of life situations that reflect the realities of life and the dynamics of personal finance.

Banzai Life Scenarios workbooks are provided free of charge to local teachers who participate in the program. Lesson plans and online assessment tools make the program easy to manage and teacher-friendly.

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What happens when a Banzai order is placed?
Banzai delivers the teacher and student materials order directly to the classroom. Teachers use the Life Scenarios booklets in conjunction with the online program to give students hands-on experience. The Life Scenarios Teacher’s Edition includes supplementary resources and discussion points for use with the program if students need more information on a specific topic.

All students who use Banzai have free access to the money management program for life. Students who are (or become) members of DCU receive a $10 Youth Savings Bonus Offer* (8-14 years) or a $50 Checking Account Bonus Offer* (ages 15+).

The credit union philosophy is “people helping people” so we’re excited to help students learn how to be better savers and more savvy spenders. That’s what credit unions are all about!

Click here to visit the DCU Banzai Website.

*To qualify for incentives, student must be old enough to open a DCU savings or checking account. Limit one incentive deposit per person. Membership eligibility is required. Must be eligible to open a DCU savings or checking account. DCU has the right to cancel or alter program or incentives at any time, for any reason.

Why Join Diversified Credit Union?

DCU is one of many credit unions that sponsor the Banzai program for schools in our local area.

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